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    Make a difference in the BID ballot, vote YES for Newport!

    As reported previously businesses in the Newport City Centre are looking to establish a Business Improvement District (BID) to create a safer and more attractive city centre. The main aims for BID are to enhance the trading environment of the city centre and to create better experiences for the visitors of Newport. 

    Newport BID are a non-profit business-led and business funded organisation, formed to improve the commercial area around Newport. The organisation will be run by the businesses of Newport and funded by a mandatory business levy. It will be up those businesses which are situated within the business levy to decide whether to vote yes or no on the proposed Newport Now BID in November and December.

    Newport BID are planning on building on recent developments in the city to help turn Newport into a real business hub. BID are delighted with the excellent Friars walk development currently being constructed in the city centre, but recognises Friars Walk won’t be the answer to all of Newport’s problems. They intend on maintaining and building on the buzz around Newport thanks to the development, and to expand the economic reach to the whole of Newport city centre. 

    To ensure the BID are successfully on improving the brand of Newport City Centre, The steering group have nominated a dedicated marketing team. The marketing team have been working closely with the steering group and have developed a new brand name for the Newport BID organisation: Newport Now. Newport Now helps communicated the time is now to change Newport for the better, and if voted for in November/December Newport Now will make this happen!  

    Dan Smith, Director of M4 Property Consultants and a member of the Dragons of Newport group said: “I’ve been involved with Newport Now since the very beginning, and I am delighted with the plans and goals which have been put in place by Newport Now to change Newport for the better. If Newport Now are successful, it will give local businesses the power to make real changes in the City centre, turning it into the welcoming and successfully city centre we all know it can be”. 

    The Newport BID Vote will be carried out via post. The vote will open on the 5th of November and will close on the 3rd of December. An announcement of the result is expected on the 4th of December. If you would like to discuss the Newport BID further, give us a call on 01633 740 740.